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Women of menopausal age are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce today. Investing in their wellbeing helps your business achieve its commercial and cultural goals.

  • 85% of women suffer menopausal symptoms

  • 63% say that menopause symptoms negatively impact their work

  • 1 in 4 consider leaving their job as a result of menopause symptoms

  • 30% take time off work related to menopause

A successful menopause at work policy can be a useful recruitment and retention tool

menopause at work

As a certified Functional Nutrition Coach, I help professional women develop strategies to effectively manage menopausal symptoms in the workplace through nutrition and lifestyle


  • Increase productivity

  • Eliminate brain fog

  • End hot flashes

  • Boost energy

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Improve focus & memory

  • Increase confidence

  • No more sick days!

Lose weight without dieting

Please contact me to discuss the best strategy to complement your corporate wellness / menopause program

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