lose weight for the Summer


Lose weight fast without dieting
Nutrition plans for women over 40
Starting June 6th, 2022


  • Slim down

  • Detox

  • Boost energy

  • Cook delicious meals

  • No more dieting!

Lose weight without dieting

Bring commitment & I’ll bring everything else so you don’t worry about a thing

Weekly support & accountability, meal plans, grocery shopping lists, recipes, journals, coaching calls & more

Are you over 40 & struggling to lose weight?

over 40 lose weight program
  • Are you tired of not feeling confident, not fitting into your favorite clothes, and hiding from pictures?

  • Do you want to get rid of midsection weight, a bloated stomach, and belly fat?

  • Are you done with diets that don’t work long term or nutritionists that don’t understand your unique needs?

  • Have you decided to stop dieting and lose weight permanently?

lose weight program
  • I will help you meet your ideal weight & more...

  • Improve digestion

  • Boost immunity

  • Increase mental clarity

  • Sleep better

  • Improve mood

  • Get glowing skin

A nutrition program designed not to feel hungry and tailored for women over 40!

Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and meat-free meal plans. Simple recipes customized to your preferences: vegetarian & pescatarian

Weight Loss Program Overview

  • (6/2-6/5) This week is all about getting you well organized for the 4 weeks ahead so you can look and feel amazing this summer.
    You’ll have access to the Welcome kit and the Pantry Restock & Goal Setting guides. They’ll help you set goals, develop a positive mindset, and fill your kitchen cabinets with healthy goodies. The online journals and group chat will be ready too. You’ll be able to log your weight, gut health, and other important info to track progress and use the chat to introduce yourself and post questions and comments.
    Your first meal plan, grocery shopping list, and recipes will be unlocked on June 2nd. We’ll go through them together during our kick-off call the next day, do Q&A and intros. I’ll share tips for success to create healthy habits, manage cravings, and practice mindful eating.

  • (6/6-6/12) This week our goal is to start detoxing and slimming down without feeling deprived or hungry.
    Your first meal plan is designed to start making important, positive, and sustainable changes to your eating routine and lifestyle. We’ll swap gluten, dairy, and processed foods for healthier options while enjoying delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make meals.
    Our coaching call will get you ready for week 2 and we’ll talk about bloating & energy. You’ll learn the most common triggers of bloating and other gut issues, what to do about it, and how to increase energy levels. Then, using the online journals, you can start identifying which foods are not resonating that well with you. Knowledge is power!

  • (6/13-6/19) This week your meal plan is designed to help you improve digestion, reduce bloating, and boost energy levels. We’ll work on midsection weight and belly fat too, of course!
    Digestion requires lots of energy and makes us lethargic, especially mid-afternoon. You’ll learn how to correlate what you eat with changes in your weight, bowel movements (this is fun!), mood, and other metrics.
    Our coaching call will get you ready for week 3 and we’ll talk about immunity and inflammation. You’ll learn to integrate superfoods and take your body from deficiency to sufficiency through the best foods and supplements.

  • (6/20-6/26) This week’s meal plan is packed with delicious ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, and nutrient-dense.
    80% of your immune cells are in your gut…wait, what??! Yes. Heal your gut, heal your body.
    Our coaching call will get you ready for week 4 and we’ll talk about how to make your results last. You’ll learn the 3 pillars of a balanced diet and lifestyle and how to reintegrate some of the foods you love and missed the most during the program in a sustainable way. How good is that??

  • (6/27-7/3) By this week you can expect to be slimmer, lighter, more confident, and with a flatter belly. Your energy levels, digestion, sleep, and skin should have improved too.
    Your last meal plan is designed to optimize the results you’ve experienced so far and help you better understand how to eat right for your unique body. Anyone can lose weight fast short term. The secret is in how to keep that weight off and confidence up.
    You did it! The only thing left for you to do is get in your favorite swimsuit with confidence and enjoy the Fourth of July weekend and a very well-deserved summer. Yay!

You only need three things

  • 1

    A blender to make your smoothies

  • 2

    A food processor or handheld blender to make your soups

  • 3

    Your commitment to look & feel amazing this summer!

Delicious, Healthy & Easy to make Recipes

Healthy & Easy-to-make recipe

Mediterranean-inspired and whole foods-based meals

WEIGHT lOSS recipe

Plant-rich and anti-inflammatory ingredients

slim down recipe

Immunity-boosting and nutrient-dense recipes

How it works

STARTING 6/6/2022

summer lose weight program

Always connected, every step of the way

  • meal planner lose weight
  • meal planner lose weight program

Treat yourself to look amazing this summer

  • What's included?

  • Weekly support & accountability
  • 4 weeks of coaching + prep week
  • 4 meal plans, shopping lists & recipes
  • Pantry Restock guide
  • Goal Setting guide
  • 4 live video coaching calls
  • Access to app, group chat & journals
  • Small group of like-minded women
  • Techniques to keep weight off long-term

No more dieting, hiding from photos, and feeling unhealthy. It’s time to glow!



Lose weight without dieting

Bring commitment.
I will bring everything else!

With Olga’s support, I was finally able to lose 15 pounds, reduce my waist size by 5 inches, end hot flashes, bring down cholesterol & blood sugar, and get more energy & glowing skin. Thank you!

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