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With Olga’s support, I was finally able to lose 15 pounds, reduce my waist size by 5 inches, end hot flashes, bring down cholesterol & blood sugar, and get more energy & glowing skin. Thank you!

SANDRA, 49 Financial Services Executive, New York

Olga was recommended to me by a friend who lost lots of weight, and more importantly kept it off! I needed to see results quickly to keep my motivation levels up and also make them sustainable. Olga and her unique approach and personality made it happen! She was knowledgeable, fun, and always available when I needed her. The best part? I’ve made a friend. I’m now 23lbs lighter and back to the old me. I got my confidence back, tons more energy, and brought back my love for cooking, now healthy and tasty foods rather than “pop in the oven” type of meals. I learned a new way of thinking about food and what works for me and my family. I realized that eating healthy and mindfully doesn’t mean eating boringly. If I get off track, I know what to do to bring myself back on. I have all the recipes and meal plans so I have tools for life!

Chief Compliance Counsel, London

Working with Olga on my digestive issues has been an incredible personal experience! I don’t do diets so the personalized Elimination plan that she built for me was perfect. I spent years thinking that chronic bloating, gassiness, and stomach pain was normal and I had to put up with it. No more! Olga helped me understand which “healthy” foods have been making me sick because of my IBS condition and how to swap for better options for me as an individual. Low-FODMAP diets are tough to follow, especially on your own. Olga brought lots of empathy, accountability, and incredible knowledge. I’m so happy to feel like myself again! 20 lbs lighter, more dynamic, no more gut issues or chronic migraines… Olga is the perfect coach to guide the healthy journey you deserve.

Business Owner, Hoboken, NJ

I’m amazed at how well the Elimination plan Olga built for me worked out! I saw real results, really quickly, and the most important part, long-lasting. I lost 10 lbs in 10 days and about 2 lbs/week until the end of my program. I also lowered my cholesterol levels by 25%! They went through the roof after doing a Keto diet on my own and Olga helped me bring them down. It’s so incredible to think that this was tailored just for me having discussed what I wanted from it. Olga’s encouragement and constant dialogue has been much appreciated. I believe that’s the reason why I kept at my ideal weight long term. I now know how to eat well for my body!

Executive Management Consultant, London

I’ve been tortured by chronic gut issues – constipation and bloating – for years! despite being on what I thought was a super healthy 99% vegan diet that included lots of veggies, nuts, fruit, and legumes. Having my first session with Olga was so eye-opening… I had never heard of the FODMAPs or IBS before our Discovery session and how “healthy” foods such as apples and almonds, which were part of my diet every single day, could be making me sick. Finally, I’m my old healthy self again (and also slimmer!). Thanks, Olga for helping me heal my gut issues and making me feel and look fantastic.

Teacher, Brooklyn

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