Olga Casabona

I’m a healthy foodie and master of delicious nutrition programs for women over 40. I was born and raised in Spain and I have spent half of my life in the U.S., most of it in New York. Early menopause was my wake up call to start my coaching practice

Is it me or is it really hot in here?


When I turned 40, I struggled for the first time ever with weight gain, chronic bloating, hot flashes literally every half an hour, and other physical and emotional changes. Like some of you reading this now, I was a total mess.

Midsection weight happened overnight. My “body thermostat” couldn’t cope with the hots and colds. I was bloated like a balloon and a rollercoaster of emotions. I felt lost, frustrated, and disconnected from my body.

Wanting to avoid band-aid fixes such as meds and hormone therapy, I tried every natural healing approach under the sun. Everything helped and smart nutrition and lifestyle changes personalized to my unique body was the real deal maker. I found in food my medicine! That was the wake-up call I needed to leave my 20+ year-long corporate career and inspire other women to do the same.

If you feel I’m telling your story, believe that you don’t have to put up with all these symptoms or turn to meds right off the bat. Positive eating and lifestyle habits can be your medicine and I’ll help you get there!

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