Olga Casabona

As a Functional Nutrition Coach, I help professional women over 40 figure out the optimal nutrition strategy for their unique body and lifestyle through personalized support and meal planning to naturally combat hormonal changes, weight gain and gut issues. I’m also a foodie… and I love to eat!


In my late 30’s, I started experiencing many, if not most of the issues women our age face as our bodies are changing – weight gain, mood swings, brain fog, chronic bloating and the worst hot flashes. These severely affected my busy personal and professional life as head of research in a major corporation.  Despite a family history of early menopause, my OBGYN tried to convince me that I was too young, depressed and stressed and prescribed antidepressants. I knew I wasn’t and to prove him wrong I insisted on bloodwork. Sure enough, I was in peri-menopause!


I, personally, wanted to explore an alternative to HRT to relieve my symptoms without adverse effects, but no doctor would recommend a natural approach. So, I started researching…and what a rabbit hole that was!  The biggest challenge was to make sense of the volume of contradictory information out there and to find trustworthy and credible support.


After much studying and applying what I had learned, food proved to be my medicine. Honestly, I couldn’t believe that within weeks most of my symptoms disappeared and I felt so much better…like myself again. Understanding the relationship between food and its impact on my own physiology, prioritizing my health and incorporating a nutrition plan around my lifestyle was the key to my success. My approach truly surpassed all my expectations. This is why I became a certified Functional Nutrition coach and created these programs to support women like you going through the same thing.


If you feel I’m telling your story, believe me that you don’t have to suffer these symptoms alone or turn to meds necessarily. I will help you understand how your hormones affect you emotionally and physically and why the power of food can restore balance naturally. I’d love to hear your story!

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