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    5 healthy habits that you can start tomorrow

    Do you want to be healthier but don’t have the time, energy or know how to start?

    Try any of these healthy habits as soon as tomorrow. They're simple, powerful and almost zero planning is required.  All you need is awareness.  What can you expect in return? More energy, balance and a flatter belly. That sounds like a great ROI to me so let’s get started!

    1. Drink water with lemon soon after you wake up

    Do this even before you get in the shower. 1-2 glasses with 1/2 or 1 squeezed lemon. This simple habit will alkalize your body, flush toxins out, help with digestion, rehydrate and support your immune system.  Five immediate benefits for very little planning and investment.

    The only thing you need is to get some lemons, assuming you don’t have any.  And although in an ideal world all our food should be organic, you can get them conventional if you want to prioritize your premium shopping. The thicker the skin, the lesser the risk pesticides will get into your favorite fruits and veggies.

    2. Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day

    What does this mean exactly? The ideal amount of food to eat at once should fit in your two hands capped.  That’s how much your stomach can truly take in.  One of my favorite tips, actually.  How frequently? Five times a day will keep your insulin levels on track and avoid crash-and-spike cycles.

    And if you want to know what a well-balanced meal looks like, have a look at The Wholesome Plate included in the complimentary toolkit you get when you sign up to my list.  This simple tool will help you balance the quantity and quality of your diet by learning how to mix and match your veggies, whole grains, protein, fruits, healthy fats, and water.

    3. Drink 2+ liters of water a day and do it strategically

    Water aids elimination (if you know what I mean…) and along with fiber, it sweeps what your body doesn’t need out of your system. Better out than in I’ll say!

    A couple of suggestions - drink in between meals not to interfere with your digestion and have 1-2 glasses half an hour before eating.  Doing this will make you feel less hungry, which means fewer calories.

    4. Dine light and early

    If you can stay away from carbs after 4 pm (unless you exercise in the evenings) and eat 4 hours before going to bed, your belly will love you for it.

    And if you want to test how intermittent fasting works for you, try a light version of it – take a 12-hour eating break between your dinner and breakfast.  It sounds like a long time without food but let’s say you finish your dinner by 8 pm, brush your teeth to avoid munching (I assure you this works), watch your favorite show and go to sleep, you can "break your fast" by 8 am, and you've done it!

    5. Have a bath with Epsom salt before bedtime

    Use your body's largest organ, the skin, for a good boost of magnesium and to wind down.  Switch off the lights, light up some candles, put on your favorite chill-out music and have some me-time.

    In addition to relieving insomnia, magnesium calms your nervous system, aids elimination, relaxes your muscles, loosens stiff joints and is accountable for the metabolic function of over 300 enzymes, wow!  Unfortunately, it’s deficient in most people’s diet because of soil depletion and lack of consumption of foods that are rich in it. So don't be shy. Get all that goodness in.

    Was this helpful? Do you have other habits that work really well for you and want to share? Post a comment here, on my FB or Instagram to start or be part of the conversation.

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