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    Eating right pre and post workouts

    Choosing the right foods before and after your fitness routine, especially over 40, can greatly optimize your performance, maximize results and be the one difference between feeling super energized during and after your workouts, or to the contrary, knowing exactly how it feels to be run over by a truck, ha!

    Whether you’re into running, spinning, cardio yoga, pilates, swimming, kickboxing or Zumba, food is your fuel to make it all happen. Your body type, your specific needs after turning 40, and the intensity of your workouts will determine which foods are best to integrate into your routine.

    Here are my 2 rules of thumb along with some food ideas and combinations to help you eat right for an average intensity type of workout (50-minute spin or, a solid pilates class, a run or similar). 

    1. Pre-workout: fuel your body with quick-digesting carbs to boost energy. Add also some protein and a bit of healthy plant-based fats.

    1. Fruit: bananas, apples, oranges, and berries are the best.
    2. Nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds) with dark chocolate. I am biased here because I love chocolate!
    3. Smoothie of unsweetened almond or hemp milk with fruit and kale or spinach.
    4. Rice or quinoa cake with avocado, salt, pepper and olive oil or tahini.
    5. Rice or quinoa cake with nut butter and banana on top.

    2. Post-workout: protein is key to restore muscle tissue. It's also important to have a good balance of fiber and healthy fats.

    Bananas are great to restore your levels of glycogen, which helps rebuild damaged muscles.

    Plant-based food ideas:

    1. Quinoa, a true superfood, and a complete protein.
    2. Chickpeas, the beans with the most protein. Try hummus crudité.
    3. Beans and lentils.
    4. Hemp seeds are a great anti-inflammatory.
    5. Protein smoothie: unsweetened almond milk, bananas, and avocado.


    1. Pastured eggs in all forms and shapes with veggies.
    2. Wild caught salmon with veggies.

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