• How clean is your beauty routine?

    Clean Diet + Clean Beauty = Zesty Glow!

    As a Functional Nutrition Coach, my goal has always been to help my clients put their health goals into action so they can feel and look their absolute best. And whether you are one of my clients, you are someone who reads my blog regularly or even if you simply follow me on social media, you’ll see I put a lot of focus on making smarter choices when it comes to what you are putting INTO your body.

    But just as important to helping you live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle is encouraging you to take a look at what you are putting ONTO your body. Making good choices about the products you are using every day is key when it comes to living healthy. So, I think it's high time we talk about Cleaner Beauty....But first, what exactly does Cleaner Beauty mean?

    In a nutshell, Cleaner Beauty is skincare, cosmetic, and hair care products that are made from ingredients that are cleaner, safer, and never harmful to your body. Seems simple enough, right? I thought so too, until I decided to take a good, long look at the beauty products I was using, and switch them out, if need be, for cleaner ones. Turns out, that’s much easier said than done. There’s a ton of (scary) information out there.

    Did you know...

    1. Toxic chemicals in skincare products can be connected to many serious health issues, like infertility, endocrine and hormone disruptions, autoimmune disease, and even cancer?
    2. The European Union has banned or restricted around 1,400 chemicals from cosmetic products, while the US has banned only about 30? As a European this makes me very unsettled...or shall I be less diplomatically British and say bloody mad?!
    3. Companies in the United States that manufacture personal care products are primarily self-regulated? This means there is no accountability as to what is going in the products or what is represented on the label.
    4. When you apply a product onto your skin, any toxins or chemicals bypass your liver, the body’s natural defense system, and go straight to your bloodstream? What??!

    I could have never imagined any of this! Suddenly, I felt like I needed a PhD just to figure out if my favorite brands could be doing my body harm. If the package said ‘natural’ or ‘free,’ didn’t that mean it was clean? How could I figure out which ingredients were safe, and which were toxic?

    After quite a bit of ‘test and learn,’ I came across Beautycounter, the makeup and skincare company that believes beauty should truly be good for you, and whose mission is to ‘get safer products into the hands of everyone.’

    Their NeverList ™ is made up of 1,800+ questionable or harmful chemicals that they never use as ingredients in their products. A good tool to have for smarter beauty care shopping! The scope of their collections includes skincare, body- and hair-care, kids, men’s and a full line of makeup. I’ve been using many of their products for nearly two years now, and about six months ago, I officially became a Beautycounter consultant. I am a big fan!

    How can you clean your own beauty routine?

    Just like with changing your eating habits, cleaning up your beauty act doesn’t have to happen overnight. My job is always to help you live a healthier lifestyle and to make smarter choices, at least most of the time!

    Baby steps on the road to clean beauty are still steps in the right direction. I usually recommend that clients begin with one or two products they use most often and move on from there—think shower gels and soaps, hand wash, shampoos, moisturizers, and rejuvenating face masks. Once you realize that you are able to treat yourself to products that are cleaner and safer without sacrificing the benefits or performance of those products, I bet you’ll be hooked

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