One of my intentions this month is to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and that’s today!  Want to join the fun?

    December 21st brings us the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and this year, also the Cold Moon, and the Ursid meteor shower. What a treat!

    The Winter Solstice is celebrated by many people all around the world, from the most famous Yule celebration in Stonehenge, England, to the Dongzhi Festival in China, and Yalda Night, a Persian tradition where food plays a big role - watermelons and pomegranates especially, whose red color symbolize the upcoming dawn and the happy moments people wish for one another.

    As we cross the midwinter and welcome the increasing light that follows, we are gifted with the perfect time to reflect on 2018, set goals for the year ahead, be grateful, and rebirth. The Earth’s energy and power are at their best so look deep inside yourself, connect with your intuition and open up to opportunities.

    My mini-version of Winter Solstice 4 years ago

    As I was trying to decide how to celebrate today, I had flashbacks from a very special experience I had 4 years ago.  A very good friend of mine, and probably the most spiritual person I’ve met, inspired me to do a fun ritual to help me transition from the first cycle of my life to the new period I was craving so much. 

    While she was visiting from Spain, we got together in my apartment in Brooklyn one night in September with an incredible Full Moon.  She asked me to draw in a piece of paper the Olga I had created and loved so much over the first 40 years of my life. 

    I drew a businesswoman with the perfect suit, high heels, bag, hair, and makeup, traveling all over the world and working in the big corporate world.  She then asked me to think about the different woman I wanted to transition into, without judgment, emotional filters, or fears.  After, we burnt the drawing in a ceramic bowl and opened up to new possibilities.

    That was the beginning of my quest to find the passion I wanted to dedicate the second half of my life to.  I went on a big exploration mode for a few years, considered a good number of different lines of business and industries, and one day it all became clear.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do next - help people live healthier lives.  Thank you, Alicia!

    How to celebrate today
    • The ritual I followed a few years ago is perfect to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  Light some candles, turn off the lights, reflect, set new goals and expectations (being selfish, I hope one of your resolutions is living healthier, ha!), draw in a piece of paper what you are thankful for but also what you want to leave behind and burn it! Burn baby burn!
    • Make space for what’s coming up in 2019.  You can meditate, go for a nature walk or a run, watch the sunset and the sunrise, clean up your apartment, get rid of the things that don’t serve you anymore (physically and emotionally) and let in the good vibes. 
    • If you want to celebrate out and about and live in NYC, your options as always are endless.  The famous Paul Winter’s 39th Annual Winter Solstice event at the St John the Divine’s Cathedral is great.  You can join one of the many groups of people that get together in Central Park to play music, go to a silent yoga class or simply cuddle up with your boo and watch a nice movie…the sky is the limit!
    Whatever you choose to do, happy Winter Solstice! And if one of your resolutions is to live healthier in 2019 and learn how to eat for your body type, reach out! 
    Book a free 20-minute consultation, work with me and enjoy my 20% OFF TREAT across all my programs when you sign up before year's end. Best part? You can start any time in 2019. 
    Olga Casabona

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