Six months ago I shared how well one of my clients had done ending her menopause symptoms in just 21 days.  I was so proud of her! READ: GOT HOT FLASHES? THIS IS HOW MY CLIENT ENDED THEM IN 21 DAYS
    Today, and after five more months working with Sandra, I am sharing her continued success story beyond making her hot flashes go away for good.  By following an Elimination Diet - or as we called it, a Swap Diet to make it more “digestible” – that I tailored for her body type, she managed to…TADA!
    1) Drop 15 pounds. 2) Shrink her waistline by 5 inches (and she’s tiny already!) 3) End her chronic constipation and bloating.      READ: BUST YOUR BLOAT NATURALLY AND FOREVER! 4) Identify 5 food sensitivities. 5) Increase her energy levels throughout the day. 6) Bring her bad cholesterol down by more than half!! 7) Get compliments about her glowing skin.  She couldn’t have done better!   
    What’s an Elimination Diet?
    The most accurate way of identifying foods that are not sitting so well with you by removing the top potential food allergens and reintroducing them one by one to observe any reactions. So many foods could be making you sick, but you wouldn’t know which if you don’t isolate them and test them one by one.    It’s a one-time exercise that can be eye-opening and bring awareness to why you feel not your best.  It gives you the power to decide what to eliminate permanently, most of the time, or never! Your choice.  Sandra and I didn’t focus on portion control, calories or allowed for deprivation.  Our goal was to integrate as many nutrient-dense, unprocessed, organic, whole, real foods as possible to reduce inflammation and give the gut a well-deserved rest.  
    How to do it right? 4 musts.
    1. FIND BALANCE between what your body needs to be removed from its diet to function properly and how simply you can integrate new habits into your lifestyle.  There are ways of doing this and not having to say goodbye to your social and professional life! 2. REMOVE TOP ALLERGENS.  The sky is the limit when it comes to what to eliminate or swap and the number of days before the reintroduction phase.  A great start is removing the most common culprits: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, fast food and alcohol for at least 21 days and reintroduce them each at a time for 3 days. 3. FOOD QUALITY is extremely important.  Consuming only organic, non-GMO, hormone-free, grass-fed, pastured, and wild caught foods will give you an accurate picture of which foods are making you sick. You can do a toxins exercise separately.  4. EAT FOR YOUR BODY TYPE.  You need to build your own Elimination Diet plan and account for other support you may need - beyond motivation! - such as supplements, enzymes, digestive bitters and other.  Conducting a holistic body type assessment that includes looking at your medical tests amongst other factors is key to call your experience a success, and my main focus before recommending any plan to my clients.  
    What can you eat? A day in Sandra’s new Elimination Diet life.
    Lots and lots of healthy (and yummy!) food.  Honestly.  And part of the fun is discovering new foods you had no clue you'd love so much. BREAKFAST - 1) Organic coconut-quinoa porridge with berries or 2) Smoothie with banana, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, avocado, and flaxseed. LUNCH - 1) White bean, wild rice, and veggies soup or 2) Quinoa with Brussel Sprouts, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, and sweet potatoes. DINNER - 1) Wild-caught poached salmon with veggies or 2) Rice cake with avocado. Herbal teas (ginger, turmeric, Tulsi), purified water and coconut water throughout the day.   It doesn’t sound that bad, right?!     My client inspired me to do an Elimination or Swap Diet myself, and I intend to start after the holidays.  My original plan was to start in November but some of my clients and friends have asked to wait until January so we can all do it together.  Fine by me!  
    And I got you a treat to boost your motivation to do this or health up your own way.  20% OFF my 8-week and 3-month programs if you sign up before year’s end!  The best part - you can start any time in 2019.  
      Savor your holidays, all the good food and company that comes along with that and commit to reset in 2019.  NEW YEAR, NEW HEALTHY YOU! Want to learn about my programs? Find the right one for you and book a free 20-minute consultation before you decide.   Happy holidays!

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