Happy sunny Sunday morning! In NY at least… A couple of weeks ago the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) officially banned trans fats or PHOs (Partially Hydrogenated Oils) in processed foods, yay! Trans fats are man-made fats used in margarine, shortening in baked goods, microwavable breakfasts and popcorn, frozen pizza, crackers, snacks, coffee creamers and fried fast foods to name a few.  Food companies love them because they increase the shelf life of products. The risk for consumers? Heart problems and type 2 diabetes as they increase the so-called “bad cholesterol” or LDL and lower the good one or HDL. Great news that I wanted to share in case you were not aware and also inspired me to put together a quick guide to reading food labels.  I want you to become a pro in knowing what’s really in your packaged foods and make healthy and informed decisions on what’s right for you. I’ll share this guide next Tuesday on my blog and will also post the link on my Zesty Glow FB and Instagram pages. Stay tuned and happy weekend!   WOULD YOU LIKE HELP IN MAKING HEALTHIER FOOD CHOICES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? Book a free 20-minute consultation and work with me to get your strategy aligned with your goals.

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