Lemons are the new apples after all! ?
    You’ve probably heard your mom and grandma rave about them for years and seen their religious water lemon daily morning routine.
    Why all that fuss? Are they right? Yes, they are! Here is why. And 3 simple ways to make them a healthy daily habit.

    ?Have a full glass of warm water with 1/2 squeezed lemon soon after waking. This will alkalize your body, flush toxins out, help with digestion, rehydrate, and support your immune system. The whole enchilada!

    ?Drink a glass of water with lemon 15-30 minutes before meals to activate your stomach acid and absorb all the nutrients you need (instead of letting all that goodness go right through your system and down the toilet ) ??

    ?Add lemon to starchy foods and those high in carbs and sugar to instantly reduce their glycemic level and lower their calories. This is amazing and it truly works!

    Good morning sunshines!

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    Olga Casabona

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