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    Summer Lovin’ (Yourself)

    Hope you had a great summer! 

    I had a blast! I was lucky enough to travel a fair bit, culminating in joining a great friend for a beach holiday in Europe. She looked incredible - not just slimmer, but more comfortable in her own skin and dare I say, glowing! I have known her for 25 years and at 50 she looks better than ever!

    However, this was not the case six weeks ago…

    During the heatwave in London she felt SO uncomfortable in her clothes, her skin, her body and ultimately her mind. She had felt like this for a while and finally wanted to do something about it as a long hot summer was forecast. She has always exercised but could never get rid of the weight on her belly or thighs and had recently suffered from hormonal imbalances with high cortisol and estrogen levels - these are fat making hormones, so no amount of fad dieting and exercise will make a difference.

    So, what did she do?

    She contacted me at the beginning of the summer to ask for my help. She followed my 4-week weight loss program and cut out the key culprits of weight loss resistance and hormonal imbalances. Within the first week she felt so much better in herself and by the end of the program she had lost 15 lbs (7 kgs). Her body felt stronger, more supple, lighter and she had more energy. She felt happier. She said the best feeling was going to bed and waking up with a flat stomach! No more bloating. She did not feel deprived and how she felt outweighed the need to eat or drink unnecessarily. Now, if she wants a coffee, some chocolate, alcohol, she has it, but the cravings are rare.

    She certainly looked great in her bikini! But it was more than that, she was definitely more at ease with her body, in her movement and she seemed more confident.

    How did YOU look and feel about yourself this summer? 

    1. When was the last time you felt really good in your mind, your body, your clothes, in front of the mirror, in bed? 
    2. What is stopping you feeling like that again? 
    3. Do you want to feel like that again? 
    4. What will motivate you to do something about it?

    As we age, hormonal changes cause our bodies to change and react differently. Diets and exercise that worked before, may no longer work. Our bodies need to be nourished differently. Balancing hormones is critical for women over 40 and this is at the core of all my programs.

    Join me on my upcoming 4-WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM starting October 3rd. I promise you that you can look and feel your best, like my friend does, with the right support and accountability.

    Time to feel like yourself again!


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