Summer is here! And traveling is in the air…literally.  Looking forward to that airplane size bottle of wine, vodka and orange juice, coffee, diet coke, salted nuts, and pretzels? If those are the only treats that will make you happy as you start your well-deserved vacation break, go for it, BUT if what you want is glowing skin and a flat belly when you get to your destination, try any of these simple and healthy tips instead.  


    Humidity in a plane is less than 20%, even lower than in the Saharan desert.  What?! That explains it all. What can you do?   1. ADD COLLAGEN POWDER TO YOUR WATER BEFORE GETTING ON THE PLANE.   Yes, it’s the latest hot supplement at the moment, and although I always recommend real foods instead, unless you can enjoy a good cup of bone broth on your way to the airport, collagen powder will keep your skin, hair, and nails moist and glowing.  It’s odorless and taste-free, and you can mix it with water, add it to your smoothie, tea, and oatmeal.  It has lots of protein so find the right amount for you not to overdo it.  Convenient!       2. DRINK AT LEAST ONE FULL GLASS OF WATER PER HOUR. You’ll have to ask your neighbor few times to go to the bathroom, but hey! You’re making her/him move often which helps with good circulation. Add some lemon to make it more flavorful, digest better, protect you from viruses and give you energy.   3. AVOID DEHYDRATING DRINKS. Alcohol, coffee, caffeinated teas and carbonated drinks will suck the moisture out of your skin and dehydrate you while tempting your body to confuse dehydration for hunger.  You don’t want to stock up on calories when you’re not even hungry!  To avoid caffeinated drinks, bring healthy ginger, peppermint or turmeric tea bags with you which will also help avoid gas and bloating and support your immune system.   4. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!  Take with you a face mist sprayer, natural cream and oils and a lip balm. Which scent? Coconut, lavender, and jojoba are my faves.  Coconut makes me feel I am already on vacation, lavender puts me in spa mood, and jojoba makes my skin smooth and not greasy.  Pack also a saline spray for your nostrils to fight those trapped viruses and avoid getting sick.   


    Have you ever felt gassy or bloated on a plane? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone, and there is a good reason for it.  Up in the air, our body gases expand by a THIRD and digestion slows down.  Again, what?! There are few things you can do to avoid this horrible feeling.   5. ADD MAGNESIUM TO YOUR WATER. This powerful mineral will not only help you avoid bloating, gas and constipation but also relax you and make you snooze…unless you prefer binging your way through your favorite show.  Go easy on it then. READ MORE: 5 HEALTHY HABITS YOU CAN START TOMORROW   6. AVOID REFINED FOODS, MEAT, TOO MANY CARBS AND HARD-DIGESTING FOODS. Stay away from beans, chickpeas, corn, lentils, onions, cabbage…for obvious reasons.   7. AVOID SALTED NUTS AND PRETZELS. They retain water and cause bloating.  Swap them for their immune-boosting counterparts - pumpkin and sunflower seeds, walnuts and all types of berries (goji, blue/black/straw/raspberries)   8. BEST FOODS TO BRING WITH YOU. Hard-boiled eggs, quinoa, avocado, sweet potatoes and oats/granola. Veggies and fruits, especially those packed with vitamin A & C - apples, carrots, oranges – are the best, as well as bananas (not ripened please unless you want “Eau de banana” for the rest of your trip)   What do you think you’ll try? Enjoy your trip!   CURIOUS ABOUT HOW TO FIT WELLNESS INTO YOUR FUN AND HAPPENING SCHEDULE? Book a free 20-minute consultation and work with me to get your strategy aligned with your goals.

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