Going to a BBQ or party tomorrow and wanting to stay moderately healthy while enjoying yourself?  Number one rule is bringing what you want to eat but temptation will be all around, and you also want to be social.  Here are few simple tricks to stay away from the bad and get on with the good!   1. Make your BBQ or buffet plate at least 50% veggies and eat them before anything else. Fiber will fill you up, hopefully not leaving too much room for the not-so-great stuff.  You can split the rest of your wholesome plate between lean protein, whole grains, fruit and healthy fats.  Guacamole or avocado in any shape and form will most likely be around.  Don’t go shy on that amazing healthy fat.  It will compensate for the unhealthy ones you eat and will balance your cholesterol.  It will also start a natural detox process (a.k.a. bowel movement) that you’ll thank the next day.   2. Use grapefruit as a natural appetite suppressant. Eat half a grapefruit or a full glass of fresh squeezed juice 30 minutes before you start eating.  Certain enzymes found in this amazing fruit are thought to be great fat burners and metabolic accelerators.  Its fiber and water content will also fill you up so you can double up on its benefits! If you’re not a big fan of grapefruit, watermelon is a good plan B.  Its high water content will keep your hunger under control.   3. Squeeze lemon on the not so healthy bites to make them less glycemic. If staying away from pasta, bread, burger buns and white potatoes is not an option, own that lemon and drizzle like a queen!  Lemon lowers the glycemic index of processed foods and keeps your blood sugar more stable, so you are not starving every half an hour and falling for that good looking white carb next to you. Apple cider vinegar has a similar effect.  Pick what you love the most.   4. Go bun-less. Eat that patty if that’s what you feel like and fingers crossed is grass-fed and on the lean side.  Tip - wrap it up creatively and swap the white carb-loaded bun for a great looking green leaf or lettuce wrap, Portobello or grilled eggplant.  Very colorful, yummy and super healthy!   5. Think twice before you go for that corn on the cob. Don’t kill the messenger but corn on the cob is not what it used to be!  Sweet corn ranks second in the list of top GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and can disrupt your hormonal balance, kick-start new allergies and sensitivities and be carcinogen among other dangers. New studies show that as much as 44% of this crop is GMO.  What to do? Look for the "USDA Organic" or “non-GMO Project Verified” seals in the package if you can.  If it’s already in the trash, do what’s right for you.  Whatever decision you make it will be an informed decision because now you know your stuff!   Stay healthy tomorrow, enjoy yourself and celebrate!   WOULD YOU LIKE HELP IN MAKING HEALTHIER FOOD CHOICES? Book a free 20-minute consultation and work with me to get your strategy aligned with your goals.

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